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Sitterly’s Residential Materials


residential moving book box
A 1.5 (Small) box is an 18”x12”x12” or 1.5 cubic ft. box that can hold up to 65 Lbs. Good For: Books, Files, Magazines, Photo Albums, Canned Goods, Hand tools, and any other small dense items. Cost: $2.00 Each
A 3.1 (Medium) box is an 18”x18”x16” or 3.1 cubic ft. box that can hold up to 50 Lbs. Good For: Dishes, Pots, and pans, small breakables, small Kitchen appliances, small lampshades, and small miscellaneous items. Cost: $2.50 Each
residential moving large box
A 4.5 (Large) box is an 18”x18”x24” or 4.5 Cubic ft. Box that can hold up to 50 Lbs. Good For: Pots and Pans, Kitchen Appliances, Clothes, Bedding, Medium Lampshades, and Children’s Toys. Cost: $3.50 Each

 residential moving wardrobe box

A Wardrobe is a 24”x 21”x 47” box that can hold up to 2 linear ft. of hanging clothes. Helps avoid the wrinkling in addition to protecting hanging clothes. Good For: Hanging Clothes, shoes, hanging drapes, and miscellaneous closet items. Cost: $11.00 Each Rent: $5.00 Each (Local Moves)
residential materials mirror pack A Mirror box can fit any Picture, Artwork, Television, or piece of glass up to 40”x 60”x 2”. Good For: Televisions, Artwork, Mirrors, Pictures, Marble Tops, and glass tops. Cost: $8.00 Each

residential moving mattress box

A mattress carton comes in a variety of sizes depend on what you need. Good For: Crib, Twin, Full, Queen, and King sized mattress. Cost: -Crib: $5.00 Each -Twin: $8.00 Each -Full: $9.00 Each -King/Queen: $13.00 Each
residential moving newsprint paper News Print Paper comes in 24 Lbs. bundles. Good For: protecting dishes, glasses, pictures, ceramics, lamps, anything breakable, and for filling out the top of a box for protection. Cost: $20.00 per bundle
residential materials brown paper
Paper Pads are 72”x60” triple ply sheets used in place of moving pads. They come in 25 sheet per bundle. Good For: Pictures, Artwork, Speakers, Television Screens, and protections furniture in Self Storage Units. Cost: $2.00 per sheet
residential moving packing tape
Each roll of packing tape is 55 yards and is make specifically for packing purposes. Good For: Taping boxes, Rolling Rugs, and anything else that need securing. Cost: $1.75 per Roll
residential moving shrink wrap
Each Shrink Wrap comes in 500 Yard rolls. It is an elastic plastic used most often to secure and protect exposed items. Good For: Protecting Couches, Strengthening loose furniture, protecting glass fixtures, and holding moving protection in place. Cost: $20.00 per Roll
residential moving rental crates
The Sitterly Strongbox is a 27”x 16”x 12” plastic, stackable, rentable moving crate. Equipped with 4-wheeled- dolly, they are designed to be stacked in fours. Being made of plastic means there is no assembly required which save on time; a valuable commodity when organizing a move. Good For: Dishes, Books, Pictures, Breakables, canned Goods, and Tools. Rental Cost per Crate: $3.00 biweekly | Delivery fee: $30 (per delivery) | Pick-up fee: $30 (per pick-up)

residential materials dish barrel

A Dish Pack is an 18”x18”x28” double corrugated cardboard box. The double corrugated walls of the Dish pack allow it to withstand weights greater than all other boxes; commonly weighing in excess of 70 Lbs.

Good For: Dinner Place Settings, Stemware, Crystal, Glassware, Figurines, Table Lamps, Vases, and pictures smaller than 15”x15”. Cost: $5.50 Each
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