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Charitable Donations

As you prepare for your upcoming move, you may find you have household articles you no longer need or want to keep. Many people want to eliminate a few items before moving into their new homes. others want to be spared the expense of moving unwanted items across the country.

The community agencies listed below accept a wide variety of donation items and serve a number of different needs in your area. They would be happy to talk with you about any items you wish to donate.

Hampden County
Hampshire County

These agencies do not have the resources to clean or repair items, but there is a great and immediate need for almost any item in good condition. Any items you donate will be greatly appreciated, and we hope that the list helps you to prepare for your move.

Move For Hunger

Moving Resources

Call us if you would like more information on our Move for Hunger. Thanks for your support!

Moving Supplies

Sitterly Movers carries a complete line of packing materials.   For more information about available materials, please call our office. For helpful tips for planning your move and safely packing your belongings see our Tips for Packing and Moving.

Types of Boxes

1.5 cu. Ft. in U.S. and 2.0 cu. Ft. in Canada (book box)
Sitterly Movers carries a complete line of packing materials. For more information about available materials, please call our office. For helpful tips for planning your move and safely packing your belongings see our Tips for Packing and Moving.

3 cu. Ft. in U.S.
General-purpose size. Good for toys, lampshades, pots and pans, kitchen utensils, etc.

4.5 and 6 cu. Ft. in U.S.
For large, lightweight items such as pillows, bedding and toys. Do not overload.

Wardrobe Boxes
Equipped with a bar for hanging clothes, curtains and draperies. The bottom is not designed to support weight; do not pack other items in the bottom of these cartons.

Specially designed with available cell dividers for transporting dishes, glasses, bowls and other kitchenware. Also good for lamps, small pictures, knick-knacks and light appliances.

Mirror Boxes
Telescoping, large and small sizes. Provide extra protection for mirrors, large pictures, and glass tabletops.

Mattress Boxes
Available in crib, twin, standard, double and queen/king sizes.

Liability Protection

Determining the Right Coverage for your Move

While Atlas Van Lines has the expertise, equipment and materials to safely transport your household goods to your new home, on occasion, some items do get damaged or lost. Realistically, if you were to examine the construction of today’s furniture, you’d quickly realize that furniture is not built to be moved. Rather, it is designed to be functional and /or decorative, to be utilized and admired. Accordingly, it is important that you select the proper coverage for your shipment. To best suite your particular situation, most movers offer two types of protection:

  • Basic Liability
  • Full Value Protection/Additional Carrier’s Liability

Regardless of which plan is most appropriate for your circumstances, remember to ask your moving counselor to explain each alternative carefully. It is also a good idea to review your homeowner’s insurance policy to determine whether or not it provides coverage for any especially valuable items, such as crystal, antiques, and collectibles during a move.

Basic Liability

Basic liability protection is just that – basic. Your household goods are covered at the rate of 60 cents per pound, per item, regardless of their actual value — at no extra charge. If your new 40-pound portable color TV is damaged, for example, you’ll will be paid up to $24 toward its repair. For most families, of course, this level of protection is not adequate, and you might consider purchasing additional protection. This type of coverage is available on local and interstate moves in the U.S. and Canada.

Full Value Protection/Additional Carrier’s Liability

Full Value Protection offers the highest level of coverage for your possessions. Under this plan, if an item is lost or damaged beyond repair, you will receive full replacement cost regardless of depreciation.

Customers can select this option at full replacement value with no deductible (U.S. and Canada) or with a deductible option to lower the cost of this coverage (U.S. only). Your cost of maximum protection level is dependent on the value that you declare for your shipment.

On overseas moves, Full Value Protection with $0 deductible may be required.

Moving Tips from Sitterly Movers

Throughout your move, your primary contact is the moving counselor who helped plan your move. Your moving counselor should have given you the name and telephone number of an Atlas Van Lines agent near your new home to contact upon your arrival there. But, at any time during your interstate move you can contact Atlas’s Customer Service and Claims Center at 1-800-638-9797. You may also check on the status of your shipment online through Atlas’s Shipment Tracking System.