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Providing affordable storage is a focus for Sitterly because we understand how difficult it can be to not have enough space. We provide Self-Storage units in a variety of sizes and at competitive prices to fit your need. Sitterly Moving and Storage is a name you can trust when it comes to your storage needs.

What size Storage unit do I need?

An easy way to find out what size Storage unit you need it to fill out a CUBE SHEET. A cube sheet will tell you the approximate number of cubic feet you plan on moving and therefore, you can get the right size Storage unit. Every piece of furniture, box, and everything is designated a certain cubic footage; multiply your Quantity by Cube to get you total Cube for an item. Once your have the total cube for each item you plan on moving, all those all together for you total Cubic footage. Please remember that is an approximate number of cubic feet.

Can Sitterly Help me Load it?

Absolutely! Sitterly can help you load your household and deliver it into your self-storage, help you unload your personal truck into Self Storage, and even load your Self Storage unit into one of our trucks and deliver it to your residence! Call and ask for our Moving Rates and ask about our AAA Discount!

Sitterly Self Storage – Deerfield, MA

Self-Storage Dimensions Cubic Feet Monthly Rate
5x5x10 250′ $40.00
5x10x10 500′ $50.00
10x10x10 1,000′ $80.00
10x15x10 1,500′ $90.00
10x20x10 2,000′ $100.00

Sitterly Self Storage – Springfield, MA

Self-Storage Dimensions Cubic Feet Monthly Rate
4x7x6 168′ $35.00
5x7x6 210′ $40.00
5x9x6 270′ $40.00
4x12x6 288′ $45.00
6x8x6 288′ $45.00
3.5x14x6 294′ $45.00
7x7x6 294′ $45.00
5x13x6 390′ $45.00
6x10x6 360′ $55.00
8x8x6 384′ $60.00
8x9x6 432′ $60.00
8x10x6 480′ $65.00
7.5x11x6 495′ $65.00
7.5x13x6 585′ $75.00
8x14x6 672′ $75.00
7.5x14x6 630′ $80.00
10x10x6 600′ $85.00
10x12x6 720′ $90.00
10x13x6 780′ $95.00
10x15x6 900′ $100.00
12x15x6 1080′ $135.00
13x18x6 1401′ $140.00

A single call to your Sitterly Storage Specialist will allow them to coordinate all of your storage details. To request information, call us at 1-800-533-1171 or use our on-line estimate request form. We have locations in Springfield, Northampton, and South Deerfield, MA.

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